Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning

Today offices have more than just the carpeted floors. Tiles, stones and other decorative surfaces are becoming very common. In the heavy traffic office areas, smudges, stains, spots can appear quickly, transforming your beautiful office floors to something less appealing. Even with regular janitorial services, dirt, soil, molds and mildew start taking up residence in the penetrable surfaces of your flooring.

Tuthill’s Quick Dry offers the best Tile & Grout cleaning service in the entire Columbus Ohio metro area, which helps preserve the allure and quality of your floors over time.

How The Service Works?

At Tuthill’s, we first perform a preliminary inspection of your facility to determine the type of flooring and the soil levels. Then our trained team uses the advanced cleaning system created specifically for tile and grout that combines cleaning detergents, heat, vacuum and a high pressure rinse. Our cleaning solution passes deep in to the pores removing fungi, bacteria and all other microorganisms. Also our system loosens the deep-seated dirt and soil from the cracks and crannies and from the porous grouts & surfaces.

Our professional level cleaning service will ensure that your tile and grout surfaces are pristine and sparkling like the first day they were installed. We ensure that the tile and grout's color be restored to its original beauty.

Benefits of Tuthill’s Tile & Grout Cleaning

  • Our cleaning system sterile and freshens your facility, boosting your business’s image
  • Our cleaning system secures your investment by expanding the life span of your flooring, hence saving you thousands in floor replacement
  • Our cleaning system enhances the indoor air quality
  • Complete Customer Satisfaction
With Tuthill’s Quickdry, you do not have to change your Tile & Grout flooring, we will restore it to new!

For more information on our cleaning services, free consultation and quote, please call Tuthill’s Quickdry at 614.276.8388

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