Hundreds of business and homeowners have enjoyed the advantages of Tuthill’s Quick Dry Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning services; they love their beautiful, clean carpets!

"I use my own steam cleaner once in a while, but I much prefer Tuthill’s Low Moisture System. Stains come out much better and I love that it dries in an hour!" ~Shelly C., Dublin

"Tuthill’s is a miracle worker! Our two dogs became ill by eating leftovers from dinner. They got sick throughout the house and Tuthill’s was able to get all the stains out!" ~Eric S., Lewis Center

"My husband came home from having surgery on his leg. It started to bleed and got all over the carpet. Jim came out and removed all the blood stains. Carpet looks great!" ~Mickey K., Grove City

"I have cats and sometimes they have a few accidents. When I steam clean the carpets it makes the smell worse. With Tuthill’s Low Moisture System, it does a better job. It dries in an hour and it helps control the odor." ~Andy P., Upper Arlington

I’ve used everybody to clean my carpets—and I mean everybody. Jim of Tuthill’s does the best. It dries fast and looks much cleaner!" ~Kay L., Westside

"I pet sit a neighbor’s cat and Jim of Tuthill’s comes over after I’m done pet sitting. I can’t believe how much pet hair he pulls out. Plus, it looks cleaner than others can get it." ~Peggy B., Northside

"When I get a stain on my carpet, I call Jim! I know he will work his hardest at trying to remove them and when he is done, the stains are gone!" ~Pat H., New Albany

"I have a little dog that has accidents. I have used other methods of cleaning, big companies, etc. Then Jim came along by a referral. I had yellow spots throughout my carpet no one could get out. Jim got those yellow urine spots out, which makes me happy" !~Edna C., Delaware

"I have used Tuthill Carpet Cleaning for years. Jim has always done an excellent job; he is responsive, timely and efficient. His prices are competitive and his work and service is the “best”. I wouldn’t consider using anyone else." ~Julie L., Columbus

"We have tried several carpet cleaning companies and had even cleaned the carpets ourselves. No other system makes our carpets look like new as Tuthill’s system has!" ~Julie D., Columbus

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