Residential Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood floors bring beauty & warmth to our homes, but like all things they lose there looks and allure over time. Maintaining your hardwood floors can be more taxing on you, as a simple mop and broom cleaning is not sufficient.

Vacuuming helps preserve the wood floors finish to an extent, but it cannot remove the dirt that gets latched to your wood floor.

Here at Tuthill's, we understand the challenges faced by you to maintain your hardwood floor and the complexities related to hardwood flooring. The best way to preserve your hardwood floor is to have a routine deep cleaning service and who better to trust for the job than the best in Columbus, Ohio. We use the most advanced equipment and powerful but gentle cleaning solutions to achieve a deep-down cleaning that will not only improve your hardwood floor's appearance, but add years to their life. Trust us to even remove the unseen dirt from deep within the gaps and hole of your hardwood floor.

Benefits of Tuthill’s Hardwood Floor Cleaning

  • Our chemicals are safe, residue free and safe for both humans and pets
  • Fits in your budget
  • Greater luster and shine
  • Minimized wear and tear
  • Complete Customer Satisfaction

For more information on our cleaning services, free consultation and quote, please call Tuthill’s Quickdry at 614.276.8388

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