Residential Furniture Cleaning

At Tuthill's, we understand the time, effort and money you put in selecting your furniture. But over time, your furniture has been gathering dust, grime, food particles, stains and spills making them lose their beauty. Why not fall in love with your furniture again? As a leading upholstery cleaning company in Columbus, Ohio we not only restore the original beauty of your furniture but add years to your furniture's life.

Whether you want a routine upholstery cleaning service or host a party/event in your home, Tuthill's will get the job done. We can work with any material, including but not limited to vinyl, cotton, velvet, and leather.

Benefits of Tuthill’s Upholstery Cleaning

  • We use gentle agitation so the stains and soil come out better
  • Our cleaning solutions are safe, non-toxic and both child and pet friendly
  • No down time needed for drying
  • Complete Customer Satisfaction
Let Tuthill make you fall in love with your furniture again!!!

For more information on our cleaning services, free consultation and quote, please call Tuthill’s Quickdry at 614.276.8388

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