Residential Carpet Cleaning

We understand the importance of keeping a clean home. Your carpet not only represents a significant capital investment for you and your family, but also plays a major role in contributing to the overall image of your house. You can help maintain both the investment and overall beauty of your home by letting Tuthill Quick Dry Experts create a custom-tailored carpet maintenance plan for you. This specialized program will reward you with years of dependable, economical service and maximize the life and appearance of your carpet.

Our residential carpet cleaning expert will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your home to give you the best options available to keep your carpets clean. This will preserve and maintain your carpet, producing a brighter, fresher appearance every year. Best of all, it can be easily adjusted to the traffic in your home as your family changes – whether you’re expecting children, entertaining more, having family over more often or just from local weather and climate changes.

Tuthill’s Quick Dry of Columbus Ohio will provide you with years of valued service. You’ll come to recognize Tuthill’s by their courteous, professional manner. We offer a comprehensive approach to carpet maintenance.

Obviously, there is no one best method to clean all carpets. For optimum efficiency and cost effectiveness, our cleaning system addresses the varying soiling conditions and traffic patterns in your facility.

Spot Cleaning

We spot clean all carpeting that requires special attention, such as pet stained areas, in front of couch and loveseat, and children’s rooms.

High Traffic Cleaning

This procedure is utilized for high traffic hallways and in heavy use walkways, usually between kitchen and living areas.

Deep Soil Extraction

This includes pre-spot for heavy soil and stains and a thorough, deep-cleaning for all areas. Tuthill’s Quick Dry carpet cleaning system of Columbus Ohio – makes sure the contributing factor to the overall smell and look of your carpets is wholesome and natural cleaning. You can help maintain the overall beauty of this investment by using the services of Tuthill’s Quick Dry to create a carpet and tile cleaning schedule designed around your needs. This specialized program will reward you with years of dependable, economical service and maximize the life and appearance of your carpet and/or tile. Tuthill’s Quick Dry has the experience needed to clean your carpets in your home. Our Columbus Ohio carpet cleaning professionals are experienced in all types of residential carpet and stains, as well as pet stains and odors.

For more information on our cleaning services, free consultation and quote, please call Tuthill’s Quickdry at 614.276.8388

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